Things that make me happy right now

Today on my way home from work I started to listen to the audio reading of Oprah Winfrey’s book What I Know For Sure, which is a collection of life lessons she has learned over the past years. In the first chapter she talks about how she has learned to appreciate smaller things like a delicious, warm cup of tea in the afternoon or having dinner with a friend.


That got me thinking about how I should start appreciating things more, and be thankful for everyday I get to live. So that’s what I thought I should do right now!

Here are the things I could think of that I am happy about right now:

  • That I’m making progress in my driving, and will soon be able to get my driving license, whch will make it possible for me to drive down Highway 1 in California next summer.


  • The lovely sushi dinner on the floor last night in my friend’s new apartment.Screenshot 2015-11-02 at 16.49.41
  • That I’m starting to get excited about studying at university and am thinking that starting next fall will be the right choice for me, and that I will have a lot of fun.


  • When my boyfriend called me today at work to talk about our trip to the US next summer, and how we will be able to meet up his amazing family in Florida for a week which will make the trip even better.


  • That I’m going to my boyfriend’s floorball game tonight, which is always fun. And also I will get to meet his sister whom I adore. And also I will get to fall asleep in his arms tonight.


  • That my mom is making macaroni casserole right now which will be delicious! (A Finnish dish which is AMAZING!) And also my sister and her boyfriend is coming over for dinner which is always a pleasure!


  • That since I started to go to the gym regularly again, as well as eating a lot of vitamins, I don’t crave sugar and alcohol anymore. I also feel more energized and happy, and I don’t have as much stomach ache.


Life is pretty great 🙂

What are you happy about today?